Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas...

Merry Christmas one and all...

As I sit watching Ewan McGregor ride from the top of Africa to the bottom in "Long Way Down". It reminds me that there is so much more out there than I am achieving at the moment.

This year has been yet another that I could have done better than I have...

What can I do about that?

Well, for a start there are some New Year resolutions that I could make...

1. Stop procrastinating
2. Make some goals
3. Develop a plan to reach those goals
4. Develop an action plan to make those goals achievable
5. Start working on meeting the objectives of the plan
6. Stop procrastinating
7. Plan how to stop procrastinating
8. Work out how to stay above zero
9. Stay above zero for 12 months
10. Procrastinate less

See you in 2009!


Lynne said...

Ahhh a fellow procrastinator.
Have you set your goals yet? I haven't even thought about it, but I may just consider what it is I want to achieve, So thank you for that.

Retired said...

Have your resolutions ready for declaration as soon as possible in the New Year. I have made one....and it is brand new.