Thursday, 31 May 2007


New day, new post with new internet connection that seems to be working as it should. Posting a flower shot taken with a 105mm macro lens in my back yard... I was looking at some photos posted on DPReview last night and as far as macro photography I have a long way to go. Seems that Jacinta, having handled tarantulas and huntsman spiders (by handled I mean in her bare hands without a safety net!!!), is a little spooked and maybe disgusted by close up images of the little creepy crawlies that can be found in the garden so I will try to make do without those images. I'm pretty sure that a 10" x 12" image of a hairy spider is unlikely to find its way onto someones wall, unless they took the photo...

Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Off air for a short time

We are upgrading our internet access and we have been sent back to dial up for a couple of weeks! Apparently to upgrade from ADSL to ADSL2 the ISP has to do something that takes 7-10 working days. This is a ploy to make you feel like things are going faster than before because after two weeks your point of reference is dial up speed and I could walk faster than that!!!

Also having camera and lens challenges. All have been sent in for adjustments and I can't see an improvement, the saga continues...

Hence, no new photos and even if I did they would take too long to be uploaded.

Stand by for further developments as they occur...

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Silver Lining

Apparently if you take baby steps, one day at a time and search for the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow you may actually find a cloud with a silver lining...
Now, back to work!

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Which do you prefer?

Colour version as per my header or the Black and White version?
I could do some more work on this version so that the black halo around the lights isn't as obvious...


I took my car in to be fixed today, the radio antenna was damaged by the windscreen repair dude... I had to take it back to the dealer as no one else knew how to fix it...

I took my bike so that I could get home, looking forward to a longish cycle home I mounted the bike, clipped in my shoes, decided to turn left onto the path instead of the road, hit a patch of gravel and fell off! Landed on my hip and elbow. Bruises on the elbow showing, bruises on the hip being felt! No damage to the bike as I managed to protect it with my body!!! LOL...

Thought I would add another photo for your viewing pleasure. Will need to make an effort and get out and take some more... This one was taken on the same night as the one in my header...

Now where did I put the ice pack?

Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Daph & Son

Good friends own a farm in eastern Victoria near Leongatha. They have had Daph since she was a calf and here she is with one of her calves. I enjoy going out to the farm and it doesn't happen often enough, I grew up in the country and love the lifestyle. However the work is in the city so here I am for a little longer yet.

Today I signed the divorce paperwork, hmmm... It's a whole bizzare set of emotions, none of which make you feel upbeat and full of enthusiasm. I do wish Mel the best and I hope she finds, or has found what she is looking for, sorry I couldn't help with that Mel.
Onwards and upwards!

Sunday, 13 May 2007

The Old Chev

What a magnificent weekend for open top touring. Jacinta & I went down to Point Lonsdale to see her Mum (& Dad) for mothers day and this old Chev was parked in Point Lonsdale on Sunday morning. These old cars are awesome in that they had a lot of the things that current vehicles, as far as creature comforts, have but none of the safety features (like crumple zones!). You can't see it from this angle but car is a four seater. The other two seats are found by opening the 'trunk' backwards and climbing in over the top... What a way to spend the weekend... P.S: This wasn't our car although we could probably have offered to swap it for a little while!?!?!
We were having a coffee at a cafe across the road the evening before and three powered paragliders flew past along the beach towards Queenscliff, reigniting my desire to finish my paragliding course and get back up there. One day, when time and money aren't a problem anymore...

Thursday, 10 May 2007


I first met Jacinta in Richmond at Boheme, a restaurant in Bridge Rd that we have since visited a couple of times. If you haven't been to Richmond in search of food recently, give it a try, there are a wonderful selection of fine gastronomic experiences to sample. A favourite for breakfast is Olmecs (also on Bridge rd) where they make their own bread and cakes in the bakery at the back of the restaurant.

Jacinta is a very creative person who is constantly looking for new things to experience. RSVP was one of those things and she met a few people before she found a "keeper", that would be me! :) The thing that she wanted to do last year that she didn't get around to was paragliding. Maybe when the weather improves we can get up to Bright and jump off a cliff together?

Jacinta is (in no particular order):

  • Sweet
  • Caring
  • Funny
  • Articulate
  • Creative
  • Photogenic (she doesn't agree! They never agree!)
  • Tidy (her flat is tiny, being neat helps a lot)
  • Loving
  • Well travelled
  • and heaps more

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Life After

After "the separation" from my wife of nearly 20 years in early 2006 I met a beautiful person who lived near Williamstown. I took my camera down to the bay one morning and took some photos. Unfortunately the weather wasn't the best so there were a few limits to what I could come up with. There are a gazillion yachts and boats of every size shape and configuration moored in the area and from the right angle there are nice views of the city of Melbourne across the bay. I must get down there more often...

The relationship didn't last. It was too soon for me and I took a while to realise that. I will always keep fond memories and I wish her all the best for lifes adventures. I met Jacinta soon after...

Light, Science & Magic

I thought a brief explanation of the header to my blog might be appropriate.
A book (Light, Science & Magic) was recommended to me by a very switched on gentleman (Jeremy Daalder from Image Science in Melbourne) once. He had come to visit me at my request to show me how to sort out my colour management processes. I was trying to print some of my photographs and I just couldn't get the colours to come out right. Turns out there is a whole "nuther" stream of science to do with colour management. He helped me out and recommended this book (as do I for anyone who is serious about photography and how to light their subjects). As the title suggests photography is all about light and how it is used to get the image you want.

By the way; Jeremy was most helpful in getting the colour management stuff sorted out and I now enjoy the process and am spending a lot less money on wasted paper and ink! Thanks Jeremy...

I've just been to a Photographic Marketing Association conference/trade display in Melbourne and it has reignited my desire to be a better photographer. Once I work out all of the things I can do with this blog I am hoping it will help me to promote my work and allow people to comment (constructively) on my photography.

Jacinta and I

I met Jacinta in September 2006, she replied to a "kiss" on RSVP and we met for a coffee. It is always interesting to meet people for a coffee and then find out that they don't drink coffee, or tea... Chai Latte (skinny) was the preferred choice that night and I must say that I'm converted. We had dinner and promised to call each other. The next morning Cinta invited me to the movies at the Astor Theatre, a step back in time where they play two movies for the price of one and have the most extraordinary choc top ice creams that appear to be hand made... We ended up seeing each other on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday that first week. We obviously didn't scare each other off! One Day we went to see my sister and one of my nephews asked how we met? "The internet" was my immediate reply and he just said "Oh!" and that was it, end of conversation. Kids are funny!

The daughter of one of Jacintas' close childhood friends wanted a "pink" party for her 21st. We did our best but were well and truly outdone by some of the outfits... The guy who dressed all in black was someone we kept a wary eye on all night!



It was suggested that I set up a blog to show off some of my photos and to provide an outlet for the "creative juices". It was suggested, once again that I should set up a blog and then once more, until last night I logged in and here we have it.

The plan is to learn how to create the blog, upload some photos and then work out how to get people to look at them, comment on them and maybe even buy them...

Currently working on how to host photos so that they can be uploaded and viewed here.

Expect some changes as I work my way through this.