Thursday, 31 May 2007


New day, new post with new internet connection that seems to be working as it should. Posting a flower shot taken with a 105mm macro lens in my back yard... I was looking at some photos posted on DPReview last night and as far as macro photography I have a long way to go. Seems that Jacinta, having handled tarantulas and huntsman spiders (by handled I mean in her bare hands without a safety net!!!), is a little spooked and maybe disgusted by close up images of the little creepy crawlies that can be found in the garden so I will try to make do without those images. I'm pretty sure that a 10" x 12" image of a hairy spider is unlikely to find its way onto someones wall, unless they took the photo...

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one little acorn said...

Love spiders - just can't warm to cicadas. Ugly lookin things! And flies - well, close up they just look a little too alien for my liking.
Nice flower though... x