Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Jacinta and I

I met Jacinta in September 2006, she replied to a "kiss" on RSVP and we met for a coffee. It is always interesting to meet people for a coffee and then find out that they don't drink coffee, or tea... Chai Latte (skinny) was the preferred choice that night and I must say that I'm converted. We had dinner and promised to call each other. The next morning Cinta invited me to the movies at the Astor Theatre, a step back in time where they play two movies for the price of one and have the most extraordinary choc top ice creams that appear to be hand made... We ended up seeing each other on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday that first week. We obviously didn't scare each other off! One Day we went to see my sister and one of my nephews asked how we met? "The internet" was my immediate reply and he just said "Oh!" and that was it, end of conversation. Kids are funny!

The daughter of one of Jacintas' close childhood friends wanted a "pink" party for her 21st. We did our best but were well and truly outdone by some of the outfits... The guy who dressed all in black was someone we kept a wary eye on all night!

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