Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Light, Science & Magic

I thought a brief explanation of the header to my blog might be appropriate.
A book (Light, Science & Magic) was recommended to me by a very switched on gentleman (Jeremy Daalder from Image Science in Melbourne) once. He had come to visit me at my request to show me how to sort out my colour management processes. I was trying to print some of my photographs and I just couldn't get the colours to come out right. Turns out there is a whole "nuther" stream of science to do with colour management. He helped me out and recommended this book (as do I for anyone who is serious about photography and how to light their subjects). As the title suggests photography is all about light and how it is used to get the image you want.

By the way; Jeremy was most helpful in getting the colour management stuff sorted out and I now enjoy the process and am spending a lot less money on wasted paper and ink! Thanks Jeremy...

I've just been to a Photographic Marketing Association conference/trade display in Melbourne and it has reignited my desire to be a better photographer. Once I work out all of the things I can do with this blog I am hoping it will help me to promote my work and allow people to comment (constructively) on my photography.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your beautiful blog. I love the photography and look forward to seeing more as you develop the site.