Saturday, 24 January 2009

I don't get it???

I have a blog post with the title "Funnies... Weird/Scary dog..." and it would seem that there are a significant number of people in the world who Google that term...

I don't get it?

If you look at the FeedJit Live Traffic Feed on the bottom right of my blog it lists the location of the last ten people to look at my blog and what it was that they looked at... The majority of the time there are at least four out of ten that reference the Weird/Scary dog post. Today I looked and there were six out of ten! Why is this term so popular? Why do people search for it? Why do they find me when they search for it?

So I went and did the search myself and guess what!?! My blog is at the top of the Google search list for this term... But here's another puzzle, if you search for weird dog or scary dog my post doesn't rate a mention... Go figure???

At least (and at last) I have reached the pinnacle of something in my lifetime! I must sign off now I'm laughing so hard I may need to call an ambulance!

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Luhlahh said...

Yeah, what is that all about???