Tuesday, 1 June 2010


I'm moving!

Both in the virtual world and the physical world...

My new web address is www.ridgwaystudio.com and my new physical address (from July) is in Mirboo North, South Gippsland, Victoria.

Marion & I have been lucky to buy an old bank that was built in 1906. This will be our home as well as the base for my photography endeavours. I plan to shoot weddings and portraits as well as pretty much anything else for income, landscapes, flora & fauna for personal enjoyment (and to populate the gallery).

There is room at the bank for a gallery and over time I plan to fill it with photography and art works. There may even be the opportunity to start small courses to get people on the right track with their cameras and gear. The local scenery is stunning so I'm sure that photo opportunities won't be in short supply.

Oh! And the best bit... The old bank has a vault! As soon as I work out how to get plumbing and ventilation in there it will become a darkroom... I can smell the chemicals now!!!


Craig Peihopa said...

its been a while since I have visited your blog Malcolm. Congrats on getting married, and congrats on the bank. I am so envious!!!

Anonymous said...

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