Thursday, 6 September 2007

Little visitor

I arrived home tonight after dinner out with Jacinta and Amy (nice to meet you Amy)... At the front door is a small garden with various trees and a little pond. As I came up to the front door I noticed movement in a tree at about shoulder height and there he (? she) was, I asked nicely if I could take a photo and the possum obligingly waited until I got back with my camera.... Unfortunately there was a leaf in the way that I didn't see in the dark and the photo didn't work out as well as it could... This is a crop of the original...
Just over a month until the photography course starts, can hardly wait!!!


Ames said...

Lovely to meet you too! Very cute night time visitor, perhaps you'll be lucky enough to meet them again?

Luhlahh said...

I too am visited by the little furry ones. They have thwarted all my attempts at veggie gardening, but are soooo cute! If you wouldlike to see a pic of my possums, (mother and baby) check out my post from 24th Jan 2006. Lou.