Friday, 4 January 2008

New Stuff...

2008! Woo Hoo! Another year starts and we are all off again with resolutions to make our lives, and the world, a better place. So what happened to the ones we made last year? Cinta is the only person I know who has made a New Year resolution and stuck to it for the whole year, in part because she told everyone about it and that created the extra energy to remain committed to the process.
So with that in mind, I'm about to tell you my New Year resolution...
  • Become an exceptional photographer and win the annual student award
  • Enter 2 national photography competitions (I want to win at least one of them but this is a goals list not a dreams list)
  • Learn to see creatively
  • Lose 15kg and improve my fitness so that I have the energy to be creative
  • Make enough money from photography for it to pay its own way (and then some)
  • Widen my circle of friends, genuine friends, the ones you can just turn up and have a coffee without calling first (not that you wouldn't call first)...
  • Print this list and put it where I can see it so that I don't just forget about it when it gets bumped of the bottom of the blog list!
  • Put some money away for a rainy day
  • Laugh more, cry less and stride confidently forward into the future!

Happy New Year to all, may it be the best one yet...


one little acorn said...

That's a lot to take on, but it's looking like a pretty exciting year. Remember to have fun along the way hey!

Luhlahh said...

Happy New Year to you Malcolm! Hope it's a really great one for you!
PS. Like the new profile Pic!

Luhlahh said...

Oh, I meant your profile pic, although I have a new one too!

Shirley & David said...

That's an impressive list Mal.
Good luck.
If you achieve 1/4 of that you will have a successful year!

Ruby said...

Happy New Year! I love your new years resolutions too. Your new picture is phenomenal but I know I say that every time I visit your blog. I really mean it!
Here's to 2008! Cheers~