Tuesday, 24 June 2008

If you go down to the woods today...

As I did, and now that I have transport again I will do it a lot more... And I found this group of fungi growing from the side of a tree.

It was quite cold up in the hills but a little exercise got the blood pumping. I could hear the Lyrebirds calling (which is nearly always how you know they are there as you rarely see them) in all sorts of wonderful, and very different, types of calls. They are amazingly loud birds but they can blend into the bush so that they are almost invisible.

I did go for a walk in this area once and there was a lyrebird sitting on the handrail being (we thought) very friendly... It wasn't until later when someone suggested that maybe he was just trying to distract us from his nest and that he was more likely being a little agressive! They are fantastic "mimics", I saw one on a documentary making the sound of a chainsaw and of a film camera shutter...including the electric film winder... I am pretty sure it was a Nikon!!!

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one little acorn said...

Great photo - you are such a fun gi...

get it? Fun-gi???
Fun guy???

Ha ha ha... I am a cracker!