Monday, 2 June 2008

Itchy trigger finger...

My assignment last week was to take an image of moving water... Where to start? There are no fountains running in Melbourne due to the drought, the river is nearby and it is running but there isn't much to see where we are. So I went off to the bathroom and set the tap to dripping and tried to catch an interesting drip or two.

This is not an easy thing to do manually! Apparently there are electronic triggers that will set off your camera when a drip goes past but I don't have one of those... I tried to catch the drips as they launched and was only successfull a couple of times in 100 shots... Mostly I got a drip forming or a nice image of the tapware that could have been taken very easily without trying to catch drips!

I also took another few shots of the Gerbera, this time with a view to getting them printed at the lab to see if all of my colour management stuff is working properly. This is the one I selected to have printed.

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