Friday, 13 February 2009

That time of year...

Unfortunately one of the side issues of living in the lucky country is the horrible things that happen that make us think we are lucky when they aren't happening.

Victoria, Australia, February the 7th 2009 saw record temperatures of 47 degrees Celcius in Melbourne and along with very low humidity and strong winds (and with the help of at least one arsonist) we had the worst fires ever recorded in Australia. It's taken nearly a week but the winds have turned a little and we are now getting the smoke in Melbourne. The fires have destroyed 1800+ homes, left 7000+ people homeless and although the authorities haven't mentioned death tolls for a few days the last count stood at 180+. The expectation is that the number may double. Whole towns have been burned to the ground!

There are numerous horrific stories and just as many stories of heroic deeds done.

The photo is taken across the road from my workplace and would be a lovely, glowing sunset if the truth wasn't known.

The fires are still burning.

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