Thursday, 30 April 2009

Gang Gang Cockatoo...

I went for a walk in the sunshine today and saw a small group of Gang Gang Cockatoos eating the flowers in a large gum tree. They were way up at the top of the tree and I watched them for a short while and kept walking. About 20 metres away, in another tree, there was a pair of rainbow lorikeets sitting outside a hole in the trunk. As I watched one of the pair went into the hole and didn't come out...

So, now that I know where their nest is I will try to get some shots as things progress.

The Gang Gangs were kind enough to wait for me to go home and get my camera. The lorikeets were taking the opportunity for some sun and were not to be seen when I got back.

These guys were probably 10 - 20 metres above the ground and seemed to have the "hide behind a branch or leaf and look the other way" skills honed to perfection.

This is the only sharp image (and even then it's not that sharp) I managed of the male.

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Ish said...

Mal, What a great photo. Well done.
Keep up the good work.
Incidentally the word I had to type in was dovenip.
How appropriate is that?