Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Photography, walking, tutorial...

I'm trying to come up with a "snappy" name for the photography tutorial I am planning to run in the next few weeks. I'm open to suggestions...

All About Light is a bit of a mouthful... Someone in the USA has already used Photo Walk Pro... Hmmm? I'll need to keep my thinking cap on for a little longer...

Anyway: This is the news.

I did a course at work last week and one of the tasks we had to perform was to state what we wanted to achieve from the course. I thought long and hard and finally concluded that to tell the truth was the best option (there were senior management people in the course with me). So I declared that what I wanted to achieve from the course was to focus (no pun intended) on being a succesful, creative and sought after professional photographer.

Part of that ambition is to teach people the basic principles of photography and to do it during a walking tour of a photogenic part of Melbourne (or wherever I happen to be)... Maybe a coffee and a chat first followed by a walk around shooting everything in sight with your camera. All the time aiming to master, or at least improve, your understanding of using your camera to capture your creative vision. I've been thinking of doing this for quite some time but the course last week crystalized it all and made me put a date on the first course.

So if you are around Melbourne on the 13th of June and you would like to improve your skills with your camera drop me a line.


Luhlahh said...

What about:

Snap Happy Walking Photos
Walking Photos
Changing Scenery
Capture the Walk
Take it in
Check it out
Mal's walking photo class
Phot class on the move
Photo Tours
Take a Walk Folios

That was fun, and a distraction from what I really should be doing... Better get back to it now! ;-p

Luhlahh said...

Walking Light?