Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Last Day... New Beginning...

The very last day of pre-hospital emergency care for me... For 30 years now this is what I have done. Ever since I saw an ambulance at a hospital careers day in my first year of high school. With time in the army as a medic, work as a nurse in a small (tiny) country hospital and a large city hospital, 12 years of ambulance work and for the last 9 years first aid training. It has finally come to an end.
It was all I ever wanted to do.
To expect things to stay the same is silly, life progresses and needs change.
Throughout my life I have had an interest in photography and, if you have been reading my blog, that's what I am pursuing now. Time to let the creativity out and now it's official.
Today is a day of running around and getting stuff sorted out and finished off. Tomorrow I am off to work as a photographer/assistant.
And so a new chapter begins. Deep breath... Plunge in!