Friday, 23 November 2007


Wow, I knew you could do some stuff in photoshop... Serious stuff! I thought I had some of it learned and felt that I could get things done. (I really knew that I wasn't up to commercial stuff)...
How silly you can be? Imaging thinking that your amateur fumblings would cut it in the commercial world. I have heaps to learn and have already learned quite a bit (mostly that I can get things done but I take too long!). So the next few days will be dedicated to photoshop, a wedding shoot, a trip to Sydney to have a look at and hopefully purchase a car (subject for another entry). That's if I can fit it around the cleaning, washing, eating, excercising, sleeping that are requirements...
I can now, slowly, process a series of images and:
  • Match exposures
  • Match colours
  • Add fill light
  • Bring back highlights
  • reduce shadows under eyes and around the face
  • generally fix minor problems (the wardrobe error that I tried to fix yesterday would have been so much easier to fix before the photo was taken - the clients had already approved the photo for a poster without noticing it.)
  • Move and resize images into pre-designed album pages

With about 600 images per wedding (+/-) just the first four on that list takes about an hour if the photographer is consistent with their settings.

And we got our first "creative" assignments from school this week. The first couple were "make sure you know how to use a camera" assignments. This means that over the next couple of months I will be out with my camera. The brief is quite simple and yet stimulatingly complex... EG: present a single image - a photograph of "cold". I'm looking forward to making things frosty! Stay tuned...

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