Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Dating update...

I have hidden my online dating "profile"... For all of those statistical data collection junkies out there (you know you are) I had 77 contacts for the month of which I contacted half as many as contacted me.

A lot of the contacts were rejected for whatever reason (in both directions) and I have met with a few people now some of whom I will probably never see again and some who I have already arranged to meet again.

There are a couple of people who I am yet to catch up with. So for now it's time to just "get to know people". There are four on the list, all of them are interesting and have a wonderful story to tell.

Maybe this will work, maybe it won't but at the very least I have met some interesting people and maybe widened my circle of friends. At the very best I will find someone to spend the next chapter of life with. You know, the chapter where we ride off into the sunset hand in hand...

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